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One-Inch Sizes

One-Inch Sizes

Two-Inch Sizes

Three and Four-Inch Sizes

Five-Inch Sizes

8x16x1 16x16x1 10x20x2 16x25x3 16x25x5
8x20x1 16x18x1 12x20x2 8x14x4 20x20x5
8x30x1 16x20x1 12x24x2 8x16x4 20x25x5
10x10x1 16x24x1 12x25x2 8x20x4 Six-Inch Sizes
10x20x1 16x25x1 14x20x2 8x30x4 16x28x6
10x24x1 16x30x1 14x24x2 10x10x4  20x25x6
10x25x1 16x36x1 14x25x2 10x14x4
10x30x1 18x18x1 15x20x2 10x15x4
12x12x1 18x22x1 16x16x2 10x16x4
12x16x1 18x24x1 16x20x2  10x18x4
12x18x1 18×25×1 16x24x2  10x20x4
12x20x1 18x30x1 16x25x2  10x24x4
12x24x1 18x36x1 16x30x2  10x25x4
12x25x1 19x27x1 18x18x2  10x28x4
12x30x1  20x20x1 18x20x2  10x30x4
 12x36x1  20x24x1 18x24x2  12x20x4
 14x14x1   20x25x1 18x25x2  12x24x4
 20x30x1 20x20x2  16x24x4
14x24x1   22x22x1 20x24x2 16x25x4
 14x25x1   24x24x1 20x25x2  18x24x4
 14x30x1  24x30x1 20x30x2  20x20x4
 15x20x1   24x36x1 24x24x2  20x24x4
 15x25x1 25x25x1  24x30x2  20x25x4
 15x36x1 30x36x1  25x25x2   24x24x4


*We make every effort to ship orders within 24 to 48 hr. for all standard sizes. Non-Standard and Custom-Made Filter orders can take longer. Orders are normally shipped via FedEx, however, we may change or alternate between this vendor and others depending upon the time of the year, speed of delivery and anticipated product condition.